By appointment, our experts and specialists will assist you in your inventories for estates, as well as insurance values in all areas such as jewels, silver, watches and object of virtue.

In the frame of an inventory we can accompany you to inform you about your objects (Jewels, Silver, Watches, Object of Virtue) and we will remain your privileged interlocutor to advise you as well as possible to sell them either within the framework of a public auction, either as part of a private sale.

Our experience and our knowledge allow us to expertly assess your property.

In the context of public auctions, our firm collaborates with the largest voluntary and judicial auction houses in France, we regularly intervene with everyone in connection with the sale of private collections on the French art market.

Our missions also extend to the search of exceptional objects for our customers within the framework of private sales for individuals or institutions, we are always available to accompany you in your quest for the rare object.

We can also assist you in the framework of donations to the French state for museum-quality pieces in the field of jewels, silver, watches and objects of virtue by valuing your your objects at their international market value.

Dechaut Stetten & Associés will give you an expertise on each of your objects as part of a donation to national museums, our expertise recognized by many institutions in France will guarantee you an inventory consistent with market values.

Pair of bracelets, brooch and
pair of ear pendants